"We emphasize a

Strengths first

approach to neurodiversity"

Early Detection of & Planned Response to COVID-19

An innovative analytics platform designed for communities and municipalities to more accurately track and manage critical, actionable data in real-time, providing insights for smarter decision making. For the individual, Response Registry provides COVID-19 risk evaluations and physical health suggestions on an individual basis.

Diagnosing Autism in Women

The "Autism Unmasked" Initiative is created to improve the diagnostic criteria for women who are autistic through research, public discussion/storytelling and increasing access to medical resources.

Share your story and be uniquely you. Connect with other
Neurodiverse Individuals and explore authentic friendships.

Neurodiverse Employment Program

We have partnered with Potentia Workforce to build workforce inclusion and training programs and have successfully began placing candidates in higher earning positions with integrated support.

Within our social-model approach we DO NOT encourage the individual to "fix their deficits" or change who they are.. we acknowledge their strengths and put them in a position to truly succeed.